Few words about me

How it is to be a Flight Attendant? Certainly it’s not like most of people think it is. Often when somebody ask me what do I do for a living and I say I am a cab crew their reaction is always the same.

“Wow, you must love your job.” Indeed, I like my job but not because we Flight Attendants make fortune and we have so much paid free time for visiting oriental countries. Well, honestly we don’t. I like my job because I work with people and this makes me happy. Anyways, I don’t work in any airlines. I work in Private Aviation. My job differs alittle bit from commercial airlines’ cabin crew’s job. Actually the Commercial Airlines Attendant’s job is totally different than a Private Aviation Attendant’s.

The difference is mostly in terms of the scope of duties. I mean my job includes much more duties. Since I always work for a small group of people, mostly few persons, they treat me like a personal assistance. Well, this is me who act janitor, cleaner, personal shopper and so on. When I have a deadhead I don’t rest, I do a general cleanup. Vacuuming, scouring the toilet, preparing meals for pilots, cleaning the windows – all of them. I guess not many people do have an idea of how many things I have to do.

Thanks god, sometimes I have an opportunity to take a short nap, but only sometimes.

If you are interested in a Private Aviation Attendant’s life follow my posts.

On the way like always :)
On the way like always 🙂