Krakow airport welcomes tourists

What are the perks of working as a flight attendant? Definitely- travelling! Who loves sightseeing? Working with people? Getting to know cultures of the world? Of course, everything has its pros and cons, but I already wrote about that. Going back to Europe… Every time I had a chance to visit this continent, some place won my heart. These extremely developed places, full of interesting people and perfectly maintained monuments. These are constantly developing metropolises, advancing technologies and very well organized tourism.

Work and travel

I rarely fly to Western or Central Europe, but this time I had a chance to see the world famous, beautiful city in the south of Poland, the former capital of this country – Krakow. The flight was from Munich airport, so it took less than 2 hours. We took off at 11 am and very early afternoon we were at Krakow airport. Of course, as they say, the point of view depends on the point of sitting. Comparing this airport to others in the United States, it is quite small, but quite well organized.The advantage is that to get to the city center you don’t need to spend half a day, but about 25 minutes. We heard about Krakow airport transfer a lot of positive opinions, so we used the Krakow airport transfer VIP  to get to the city center in complete peace and quiet when the roads were completely clear, so honestly my trip didn’t take more than 20 minutes;).

In the heart of Europe

My boss booked me a nice room in a hotel in the Old Town. Great conditions, excellent service and delicious food. I could not complain about anything 🙂. Although Krakow is not a big city, 2 days is definitely not enough to see it and feel its atmosphere. There are so many wonderful monuments, beautiful places to see and the offer of attractions in the city is endless. It is difficult to comprehend it by yourself.

In the evening, strolling among the bustling city and charmingly lit streets, we loved the food and the beautiful architecture of Krakow’s Old Town. My heart was stolen by the krakow’s casserolles in Kazimierz – the Jewish quarter of the city. I read a lot about Jewish history, so this was a good opportunity to experience it. The whole place is incredibly impressive, and the tourist center centered around it, created by millions of interesting restaurants, live music and people having fun, makes you not want to leave.

Even more impressions and some history…

For the second day, I planned to wake up for sunrise to admire it from the wonderful point provided by Krakus Mound. I couldn’t get enough of it. I took: a blanket, delicious, aromatic coffee, and a fresh pretzel, purchased at a nearby artisan bakery. I don’t think I’ve eaten such delicious bread anywhere in the world as I have here! But back to the beginning of a wonderful day…after such an early morning, by the measure of a romantic comedy, I set out to explore further. I visited St. Mary’s Basilica, the National Museum and the great Park Błonia. Honestly, nowhere in the world I felt similar atmosphere. Here people seem to be really nice and cordial to each other, and on top of that they are happy to offer to show you the city.

In the afternoon, in order to broaden our knowledge, the whole crew used the services of Krakow Direct and went on an organized tour with a guide. As I am fascinated by history and had never been to Poland before, I had always wanted to visit Auschwitz, which marks an incredibly important moment in the history of all mankind. Out of respect for these people, I think that everyone who has the opportunity should visit this place. I’ve always been told that we young people should never forget history, so on occasion when I’m in different countries, I always try to visit some important points. This one, was undeniably worthy of my attention, and to be honest, I still get shivers down my spine. Everything is perfectly preserved, all too transporting tourists to that terrible time in history. I can’t imagine the trauma those people must have experienced and I thank every day that I live in this day and age. At such moments our current life problems seem really trivial.

It is time to come back to reality…

These two days in the heart of Europe were quite busy, but how enriching! I hope to have at least one more flight to Poland in the future to see what I missed this time. Fortunately, it is very close to the center of Krakow from the Balice airport, but there is also a second airport nearby, Pyrzowice. Both are very well connected to the city center, which only encourages tourists to buy a cheap ticket for the weekend and drop in for a visit to crunchy bagels or visit the salt mines nearby. I hope to come back here one day to breathe and once again enchant my time with this lovely place!!! There are so many beautiful places here that I would like to see! People talk, but you don’t have to fly around the world to see a piece of history.

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