At the heart of Europe

I don’t often fly to west or middle Europe but this time did. The flight was from The Munich Airport so it last less then 2 hours. We took off at 11 am and in very early afternoon we’ve been to Krakow Airport. It’s kinda small port, pretty well organized.

The advantage is that to get to the city center you don’t have to spend a half day but like 25 minutes… We were cmmuting when the roads were totally clean so honestly my trip didn’t thake more than 20 minutes;).

My boss had booked me a nice room in a hotel in he Old City. Great condotions. I couldn’t complain :). Though Krakow is pretty small city, 2 days is clearly too little for such place. I mean, I have never been to Poland in general, but what I always wanted to visit was Auschwitz. I have been always thaught that we young people should never forget about the history so, by the way when i’m in different countries I always try to visit some important place. Staying in Krakow I though it’s good to visit Auschwitz.

I have also visited to Zakopane and that’s it. For more trips I had no time. Two days is just perfect for doing such 2 tours. But if I want to travel a bit around the city I would need much more time. So, these two days at the heart of Europe were pretty busy but how richening! Hope in future I will have at least one more flight to Poland, to see what I have missed this time.

Walking by the Old City - spen ther less then 30 minutes but fell in love in the city.
Walking by the Old City – spen ther less then 30 minutes but fell in love in the city.

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  1. Most of your trips semm to be quite short or rather too short. Don’t you think you miss a lot travelling like this?

  2. Zakopane is cool. Lots of highlanders wearing funny hats. Unquestionably too many tourists but this is how tourist destinations are so yeah

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