Long-awaited break. Finally.

As in the tittle – I’m finally off. I have been waiting for these few days off for a really long time. Over two weeks I was working non-stop and I can feel the results. Yes, I can feel it so bad. I am fatigued, exhausted, tired and I have even no energy to smile let alone talk to people. I need sleep. But first as long as I’m awake I’m gonna draw up a brief plan of these four longed for days.

Honestly, I have already planned what I’m gonna do but as usually, my whole great plan has changed. I was going to do some small trip to the Costa Del Sol. But as I said the plan has changed since firstly my friends go angry with me, secondly my family got angry with me and well that’s it, but it’s enough to change my plans. More than two weeks I haven’t been contacting them and well, now I’m in trouble. They say I ingnore them but the true isI was really busy. Working in a Private Aviation Cabin Crew is that you must be available 24h/7.

And when I have a minute to rest I just rest. People who have never been in my shoes cannot understand it, but it’s ok now I’m one the way home and I’m gonna make my mates a big suprise;).

But going back to the last two weeks I flew almost 80 hours! It’s over maximum amount of hours spent in the air regarding Commercial Airlines but I work in a Private one! I have no idea how I survive these last two weeks, because I feel totally the same as a few days ago but if someone told me now to fly somewhere else, most probably I would jus start crying and quit the job!

I’m not kidding. Sometimes I thing people treat others like robots who are programmed to serve 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. But I’m not a robot! So, here I am, almost in my home city, meeting my beloved, laughing together and not thinking about where I’m gonna be in 5 days!!! Moscow grrr. But now I’m just happe going home and though I had totally different plans and I could sunbath now on some golden Spanish beach. Insted I’m gonna spend for days with my friends and actually, I can’t wait!!!

Way back home <3
Way back home <3

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  1. Guess you don’t know how such job looks like, there is nothing to be jealous. It’s borring.

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