Following Haruki Murakami

If you follow my posts you should know how much I love Murakami’s stories. I had never been to Tokyo before but I had my own image of this city in my mind created by Haruki Murakami or rather the characters from his books. All the places they were living or visiting, all the cafes, bars, streets… I had all of them in my mind!

„My Tokyo” used to be some grey city, not so busy and crowded as it really is, not at all. On the contrary, it was pretty empty and just sad. If you have read at least one Murakami’s book I’m sure You understand me. And though I am kind of a person who prefer to hang out in some super-warm places kind of sandy beaches I was the happiest and the sadest person in the world when I was assigned to fly to Tokyo for a day.

Yes… for a day… I was so angry that it’s just a day but still I couldn’t be more happy because I was going to the homecity of my very favourite author! So, I just have enuogh time to go for a coffe to the favourite cafe of Lin from „Kokkyō no minami, taiyō no nishi”. What could I do… I was just walking bu the Tokyo crowded streets that didn’t resemble my own okyo’s streets at all! I spent the whole day like this and the next day at 6 in the morning I was sitting in the plane waiting for taking off to be back in Munich in a dozen hours.

Now you have the image of flight attendant’s profession. Indeed, we travel a lot but would you like to travel in the same way?

Colourful Tokyo city center - totally different than I had imagined.
Colourful Tokyo city center – totally different than I had imagined.

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  1. Have you been to Yoyogi Park? Apparently it’s more impressive then Cnetral Park, NY. Is that true?

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